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An interesting word, that. Originally – as far as such things go – it was a noun, wilcuma, meaning ‘desired guest’. It then became an interjection, a statement of congeniality. We have visitors, and their presence is appreciated! Wilcuma! It then became a verb – I welcomed them – and an adjective – they felt welcome.

You probably did not notice, but I actually greeted you with two words: ‘welcome’ and ‘!’. Our humble exclamation mark is, in fact, a ligature – meaning two or more characters artfully drawn together – of the letters I and O, forming the word ‘io’. It is a Latin exclamation of joy, now perhaps most known for its appearance in the second verse of the Yule carol Ding! Dong! Merrily On High. It is pronounced /ˈi.oː/, which, funnily enough, is pretty close to the modern yo. So … welcome, yo.

As you may already have guessed, this is the personal page of a person who enjoys words a bit too much. While this welcome page is pretty new (July 1st, 2017) the rest of this site is still being updated, and it currently does not accurately reflect … well, me.