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Works in Firefox – Makes sense in lynx – Valid XHTML 1.1 – Valid CSS3 – Valid SVG – Audio served in Vorbis


Here you may find answers to such thrilling questions as Who are you? and Why the hell should I care?, only probably not the last one. Not to worry, though; since you did find your way to my proverbial doorstep, chances are you know already why you are here.

I have changed page styles a lot as of late; I am still not sure which one I will be going with, but this one seems to be promising. After all, it is written in – and served as, as I am rather fond of draconian error handling on the Web – XHTML 1.1; it has a clean look while still being stylish; and, best of all, it completely breaks in all but the most recent versions of Internet Explorer while of course working perfectly fine in most versions of all other major (and many minor) browsers. I currently check against Firefox 14, Chromium 18, Midori 0.4.0, and lynx 2.8.8dev.7-1, but any decent browser should do.

This page renders as expected in Firefox. Chromium (and I suspect Safari, as they use the same rendering engine) has quite a few really annoying bugs which makes some words flow into each other, and I have no idea how to work around that. The problem is intermittent, and refreshing the page a few times usually fixes it.

Internet Explorer users will be treated to this lovely page instead.

I am currently trying to lose weight, together with my family. Follow our progress here.